Fixing And Protecting Computers Is What We Do

Why travel all the way to Okemos just so you can pay more to get your computer repaired?  Our rates are far more affordable and we’re a heck of a lot closer.

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What Seems To Be The Problem With Your Computer?

When it comes to fixing computers we have pretty much seen and fixed it all. So don’t give up hope on your computer until you let us take a look at it. New computers are expensive. Our services are not.

Computer Tune Up

Whats more frustrating than a slow-moving computer? Nothing that we can think of. If yours is running slow or acting weird bring it to us so we can give it an attitude adjustment. We’ll get it running fast and snappy in no time flat.

Hard Drive & Windows Issues

Hard drives fail all the time, unfortunately.  Were well experienced in what needs to be done to grab the data from the failed drive and swap it on to a new one. Windows users know all about Windows problems and were pros fixing them too.

Small Business Services

Are you a small business owner having a computer or other IT related problem at work? If so give us a call at 894-2284 and tell us what the problem is and well be happy to roll up our sleeves and fix the problem for you.

Computer Marketing Services

Receive a free snapshot report of how well your business is doing on the Internet. Your customers are talking about you. Make sure you’re listening.

Hi, I’m Jordan Strayer and I’ll be the guy in charge of fixing your computer when you bring it to us.

My partners and I started Mason Computer Repair almost four years ago so you wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Okemos or East Lansing every time you have issues with your computer. Even though the price of gas is down it’s still a heck of a lot easier swinging into our shop than it is fighting your way through stop and go traffic getting to the expensive repair shops in those other cities.

We take computer repair serious here and want you to know we’ll take very good care of your computer and save you time and money on top of it. We have built up a very happy customer base in the short time we have been operating and have been able to do that because of the reasons just mentioned.

 Call Us: 894-2284!


Why Should You Bring Your Computer In To Mason Computer Repair The Next Time It’s On The Fritz?

We’re Closer, More Affordable, and More Dependable Than You Know Who.

We’re Closer Than Okemos And East Lansing

The fact that we are located right next door to the Mason Elevator and the Mason Barber Shop means you won’t have to drive to Okemos the next time your computer acts up.

We’re Dependable And We Have Great Reviews

While fixing computers is definitely not rocket science it’s still important that the people working on your computer know what they’re doing. Fixing and protecting computers isn’t a side gig for us. Its what we do full time and have dedicated our professional lives towards.

Our Rates Are Extremely Affordable

Being a small family run business means we don’t have all the huge overhead our big wig competitors have. That means we can pass that savings right along to you where it belongs.

We Always Back Up Our Work With A 90 Day Warranty On All Labor

Our goal is to work hard and earn your business every time you need to hire a computer repair team. To do that we know we need to earn your trust. The best way we know to do that is to stand behind our work with the 90-day warranty.

See What Other People Say About Mason Computer Repair

No need to look anywhere else. Professional and did excellent work. Highly Recommend!

– Steve Taylor

Jordan is our “computer guy” and we have always been happy with his work. He kept our old, poor, hopeless computer alive beyond its years and sold us one of his reconditioned ones after it died of old age and it still works great after 5 years.

– Jill Quainton

I had my computer worked on here and now it’s working great! Jordan did a great job, fast friendly service! If your computer needs help this is the place to go! Thank you!

– Elizabeth Martin