How to Replace the Memory Card in Your HP Pavilion All-In-One PC

Replacing or upgrading the memory for an HP Pavilion All-in-One PC can be completed in a few simple steps. A memory card purchased from HP specifically for the All-in-One PC will fit even if it appears to be different than the old memory card.

If you plan to purchase the memory card from another source, check for the All-in-One PC to find out the specifications so you can match the memory card to your specific model of computer.

Once you have the memory card, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes when replacing flash memory on your computer. You’ll need to have a screwdriver and a flat surface covered with a cloth to protect the monitor while you install the new memory card.

Before flipping the monitor over and removing the back plate, turn off the computer and unplug it from the wall socket. Remove any accessories like the mouse or USB memory. If there is a DVD or CD in the computer, remove that as well.

Static electricity can be very damaging to the interior electronics of the computer. Before opening the back plate, touch a metal surface to ground yourself.

The flathead screwdriver can be inserted into the back cover to remove that from the computer. It needs to be removed so it can reveal the arrow for the cover. The cover needs to be slid from the right side.

This is where the memory cards are held. There will be clips on each side of the memory card. The clips should be released at the same time, and the card can be pulled directly out of the computer. Hold the memory card on its edges. The top memory card needs to be removed before the bottom memory card, but both are removed in the same manner.

When adding the new memory card, make sure the notches as well as the divider match completely before pushing the card into place. Once the card is in place, it can be pressed down to lock it in the socket. The bottom card needs to be installed first. The cards are firmly locked into place when there’s a snapping noise from the clips.

The cards are now installed into the computer. Replace the back cover then the back plate. The power cord as well as all devices can be reconnected too.