Replace a Laptop Screen with Chuck Fresh

Replacing a broken laptop screen can be a time-consuming and (depending on where one looks) costly affair. However, with time, some knowledge, and a little bit of effort as YouTube technician Chuck Fresh presents in his video, “How To Replace a Broken Laptop Screen”, your laptop computer screen will be fixed in no more than ten minutes!

  • First, hook a laptop with an HDMI cable to any new television set in order to use that as a screen while you wait for its replacement.
  • After the screen arrives, you only need a screwdriver to unscrew the bases of the laptop screen where needed. (Note: before you make any alterations to the laptop or any type of equipment, make sure the equipment is turned off.)
  • After the bases are unscrewed, pry the plastic screen cover, all the while unscrewing the bases when necessary.
  • On the back of the laptop screen, you will see connectors with a piece of tape; pull off this connector cable gently in order to avoid damaging the cable and driving up the repair costs by replacing it (while avoid major headaches).
  • Carefully pry the plastic tape with either a small screwdriver or fingernail, without damaging the fragile connector cable; afterwards, carefully remove the broken laptop.
  • After carefully removing the new laptop screen from its box, line up the new screen with the connector cable; later, test the connection in order to establish how the screen is working and whether or not there are bad pixels on the screen (which is rare for new, factory-made or customized laptop screens).
  • Check for any defects on the laptop screen, and remove the protective cover and firmly screw the nails with a small screwdriver (making sure with a small diagram in order to ensure proper fitting) and snap or attach the laptop screen’s plastic frame carefully.

For more information, look at Chuck’s nine-minute video here: