Success Stories

Helping Mason residents and business owners fix their computer problems is what we do. We hope to one day be able to include your story as a success story!

Kent Feeds

We revived their 15 year old hard drive that ran part of their production equipment in one afternoon.  We also set up their new system to replace one of their older ones


Darrel’s Market & Hardware

Their back room computer for the parts center had the hard drive go bad.  We were able to clone the drive of an identical computer and get it running without any program replacement or anything. It was like the crash never happened.


Davis Glass

The folks there had been trying to set up a new router for a few months, and couldn’t get it working properly.  On top of that their printer quit printing and scanning correctly which was a big issue for them given their business.  We came out and had the router set up in about half an hour, and the printer problem fixed shortly after that.


Pierce-Carter Insurance

When we were first called out they had two separate networks in their building, and had no idea why. Making things more complicated was the fact that half the computers could only print to one printer, half to the other.  Their staff also couldn’t share things over the network.  We cleaned up their network and merged it into one and fixed their sprinters and network sharing issue.


Nancy W.

Arriving at Nancy’s place for a house call we learned that she leaving for a missions trip to Africa in three  days, and had to print a lot of material out as a result.  Her laptop quit attaching pictures to emails, which was bad cause she was also the trip photographer, and her desktop quit working with any of the 5 printers she had. So we fixed all her issues and left with Nancy completely back on top of her game in what she needed to do.

Steve W.

Steve called us because he and his wife were having trouble getting their smart tv to connect to their wif and had completely given up on fixing the problem themselves. They were also having problems with their wireless extender. We were able to get both issues solved by getting the units configured properly.

Kelly W.

Kelly dropped by our shop with a MacBook that was starting to fail.  She had a bunch of work in it she needed, and was a bit worried she was about to lose all her data.  We were able to get it to clone to another drive after a few tries, and then recover and save all of her work so she left happy knowing she didn’t have to rewrite it all.

Mary T.

Mary called us out to her house because her wireless hotspot from Sprint hadn’t been working right for a couple of months. It would work for maybe a minute or two, and then quit. On top of that, her printer somehow quit properly communicating with her computer. The printer was an easy fix, but we really had to dig around in her computer to find out that it was MacAfee that was messing with her Internet, and not letting it through properly.

Tim F.

Tim’s MacBook had been having an issue with not finding updates when it should have, and then one day it just finally quit booting.  He had quite a few family pictures on it, and was worried they would be lost.  It turned out to be bad ram, and not a bad drive, and we got the computer running, and then fixed the update issue.


What Seems To be The Problem With Your Computer?

When it comes to fixing computers we have pretty much seen and fixed it all. So don’t give up hope on your computer until you let us take a look at it. New computers are expensive. Our services are not.

Computer Tune Up

Whats more frustrating than a slow moving computer? Nothing that we can think of. If yours is running slow or acting weird bring it in to us so we can give it an attitude adjustment. Well get it running fast and snappy in no time flat.

Hard Drive & Windows Issues

Hard drives fail all the time unfortunately.  Were well experienced in what needs to be done to grab the data from the failed drive and swap it on to a new one. Windows users know all about Windows problems and were pros fixing them too.

Small Business Services

Are you a small business owner having a computer or other IT related problem at work? If so give us a call at 894-2284 and tell us what the problem is and well be happy to roll up our sleeves and fix the problem for you.