Video Tutorial: How to Solder for Computers

This short video provides complete, step-by-step instructions for soldering when splicing and extending computer wires. The directions are clearly explained verbally and demonstrated in the video so that even a complete beginner can immediately begin soldering for computers.

The video covers the needed equipment and supplies, such as soldering iron, heat gun, heat-shrink tubing and wire cutter and wire stripper. All steps are included, from stripping wires to tinning the soldering iron and finally, shrinking the heat-shrink tubing.

For the demonstration a three-strand wire is cut and then soldered back together, similar to what would be done when extending the length of the wire. A simplified overview of the steps covered is below:

  • Pull apart each of the three strands.
  • Strip off about one-quarter inch of the insulation.
  • Twist the wire ends to minimize fraying.
  • Place the smaller size of heat-shrink tubing over each of the three individual strands on one of the halves of the wire.
  • Place a larger size of heat-shrink tubing over all three strands on the other half of the wire.
  • Twist each half of the strands together, making sure that the colors match.
  • Solder the twisted pairs, making sure to tin the soldering gun before each use.
  • Slide the three smaller tubes of heat shrink up over each of the soldered pairs and use the heat gun to shrink them.
  • Slide the larger single heat-shrink tubing over all three of the smaller ones and then shrink it with the heat gun.

People of any experience level can follow this quick, easy video tutorial to learn to solder wires. A clean, heat-resistant work space is necessary, along with the noted supplies and equipment. The soldering gun should have a lower setting, such as 30 to 40 watts for this application.